Ad-Aware - Anniversary Edition 8.0.7

Ad-Aware - Anniversary Edition 8.0.7


Size:58.0 MB

Date Added:05 January, 2013

Author: Lavasoft AB

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The latest version of Lavasoft's industry leading anti-spyware solution

While our competitors are busy creating new bells and whistles that most computer users will never need or use, we continue to focus on developing a trusted anti-spyware product that is designed for real people!

Ad-Aware Free continues the Lavasoft tradition and spirit by providing a no-strings-attached, full powered free anti-spyware product that is safe, thorough, and easy to use. This new version, boasting improved threat detection and usability features, reinforces why computer users continue to put their trust in Ad-Aware more than any other anti-spyware program.

Real-time malware protection optimized for home users:

* Detect, Remove AND Clean
* New!Ad-Watch Live! Basic integrated real-time protection
* Rootkit Removal System
* New!Radically improved resource efficiency
* New!Lavasoft SmartSet
* New!Customizable Profile Scans
* New!External Drive Scanning
* New!Pin-Point Scanning
* New!Full integration with Windows Security Center
* Easy to download, install & use


TE Protection against spyware, Trojans, hijackers, and more
TE Integrated Ad-Watch Live! Basic
TE Rootkit removal system
TE Customizable profile scans
TE Rootkit removal system
TE Detect, remove, AND clean
TE Lavasoft SmartSet
TE External drive scanning
TE Pin-point scanning
TE System Restore Point
TE Easy to download, install and use
TE Automatic threat updates
TE Full Integration with Windows


TE Integrated Ad-Watch Live! Basic OCo Immediately detect deceptive malware applications before they attack your personal information with integrated real-time process protection - suspend suspicious files and block malicious processes to prevent further integration into your system.
TE Radically Improved Resource Efficiency OCo Tread lightly on your systemOCOs resources with dramatic improvements to the memory usage.
TE External Drive Scanning - Scan your external storage devices OCo iPods, DVDs, USBs, and more OCo for an additional layer of security.
TE Customizable Profile Scans - Easily create and save a personalized scan profile so Ad-Aware only scans areas that you select.
TE Lavasoft SmartSet - Scanning and cleaning is effortless with automatically configured settings for scans and recommended actions for found infections.
TE Pin-Point Scanning - Easily assess suspicious files - right-click any file or folder to scan with Ad-Aware or to submit to ThreatWork for analysis.
TE Detect, Remove AN...

Systems: WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows2003

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